Company Culture

Business Philosophy of The Prince

Bearing the wish, responsibility and obligation of "Build a better life" as it always does, the Prince Real Estate Group is keen to get to know the world, itself, the cultural context of a city, and its own mission, so as to make architecture and life of different times and regions harmonious and symbiotic, thus create extraordinary value for this city!

Vision of The Prince

To become an outstanding real estate enterprise with a most recognizable brand, great potential and superior professionalism in Cambodia.

Mission of The Prince 

To provide customers with first-class products and services, and endeavor to create a healthy, ideal life, so that the Prince Real Estate can become a well-respected property enterprise with tremendous excellence.


Company Motto

Innovation: To deliver fruitful results with sparkles in muse and work smart.

Since its inception, Prince Real Estate Group has attached great importance to innovation, particularly, service and management innovation, which is a ringing endorsement and guarantee to the development of the Prince Group. Innovation is the driving force of an enterprise as well as the soul to its progress. Only with strong innovation ability can we grasp the opportunity and win the initiative in the fierce market competition.

High efficiency: To advance rapidly as it’s on a Mercedes Benz equipped with flying wheels and a strong motor.

The Prince Real Estate Group attaches great importance to improving work efficiency, and cultivates a professional, dedicated and efficient management team step by step. Time is money. It has always believed and inspired by the idiom of "every minute counts", which demands a deep insight to the future and hard-working every day as it is in a race against time. Finding ways for success instead of excuses for failure, and gradually developing good habits to both work and life are its principles.

Team: To build an open team with tolerance, cohesion and constant pursuit of excellence 

Team spirit is highly valued by the Prince Real Estate Group, which is as well an important standard on its talent selection and appointment of key executives. The power of one alone is limited, but with a team is infinite. To accomplish greater achievements, one needs to be integrated into a team. This is just as a drop of water only when it falls into the sea that it can give rise to droplets in waves. Those who can take the whole situation into account, and have a strong faith and team spirit are always the most valuable wealth of the Prince's.

Win-win solution: To maximize customer satisfaction along with the development of the company and its staff.

With great efforts to achieve win-win results with various parties, like our employees, enterprises, customers and business partners, harmonious development and the business philosophy of win-win solutions constantly guide the group forward when it makes operation decisions, so as to boost the development of the enterprise and its staff, meanwhile, benefit its trade partners and maximize customer satisfaction. The Prince Real Estate Group has been working proactively upgrading the value of the entire industrial chain to achieve a harmonious win-win result with all parties involved with broad mind and vision.

To have lifelong learning and mutual development for both the company and personnels.

“To have lifelong learning and mutual development for both the company and personnels” is the concrete embodiment of the Prince Real Estate Group’s corporate culture of "learn in work" , and the enterprise is constantly improving its ideology, brainstorming thoughts, skills and ethical standards. In traditional Chinese culture, study (to study the phenomena of nature in order to acquire knowledge) is deemed as a fundamental moral requirement in Confucianism, which points out that “To culture one’s mind, one needs to be sincere to oneself, which demands knowledge of one’s own. And in order to acquire knowledge, one shall study the phenomena of nature, so that his mind and morality can be truly cultivated.” Study and enlightenment are equally important in Buddhism, whereas in Taoism, it goes more directly to “accumulate richly and break forth vastly”. Only those who know the importance of study are willing to learn actively, then gradually good at learning, can optimize their behaviors, ideologies and skills, and regard learning as the enterprise of a lifetime.

The knowledge and abilities of employees are not only personal strength, but also company assets. To the company staff, the greatest benefit that the Prince gives is not money, but an opportunity and a platform for personal growth, as for the Prince, the money for training, education, and staff cultivation is not cost to the company, but an important investment, which is to keep and also elevate the value of human resources, to realize the value of "win-win" between the enterprise and its employees. The Prince believes that individual learning is not only for the pursuit of "self-improvement", but is also for "company uplift". Through personal active participation in the practice of the enterprise, one can learn how to be a better person, and accumulate the experience of handling affairs. Moreover, a stronger competence of organizing is thus enhanced for the enterprise through its study and practice from individuals. The company and individuals can have mutual development in the interactions of shared culture. That’s why "sharing" is the emphasis of one’s study in the Prince.

Company Culture